What do you use when you set the table?

What do you use when you set the table?

Do you collect vintage or antique porcelain tableware? Or do you want to start collecting them? Remember: most of the The time you won’t find everything at once. But collecting porcelain can be a Monatsangebot lot of fun. You start with one or two pieces and every time you go to a secondhand-shop or market you Interviu search for It’s a similar piece. Or you can search the internet for similar pieces. To make it easy; take Best pictures with your phone of the item and the stamp, so every time you think that you find a new wholesale mlb jerseys piece you can check on cheap jerseys free shipping your phone if it is the right one. spot! And what a joy when you find one, you feel like a gold digger that struck gold!

The same feeling I had cheap mlb jerseys when I found last week these two cups with saucers that fit with the plate I got as a gift wholesale mlb jerseys a year ago. These plates and cups are from the collection Briar Rose from the manufacturer Churchill. The pieces were made in between 1993 and A 1998 and are not produced anymore, but if you search the internet you will find plenty. The factory still exists.

Because I have already a big porcelain table set from Villeroy & Boch; these items could be your start for a porcelain dinner set. You can buy them in my Etsy shop.

Briar Rose 1

Briar rose2Briar rose stamp


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